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If you are travelling a lot by car as electricians do - how to make the best of that time?

Whether you are a domestic electrician going from house to house, or an industrial electrician heading to remote destinations like wind farms or solar farms or working on roof top solar installations or a commercial electrician going from office to office for energy efficiency related fit outs or repairing lifts - you are travelling a lot in the car.

And quite often electricians leave early in the morning for work.

So here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your time travelling in the car - especially the early part of the day when your brain is nice and relaxed from a full night's sleep.

Firstly nothing needs to be so rigid, that it destroys the whole joy of doing it. So whatever I say below needs to be tempered with the fact that it is a balance between having fun - so like listening to your favirite radio show or just vegging out, and doing things strategic which help you and your career.

On the strategic side, you can only help yourself, if you know what you are doing and what you want.

In terms of what you are doing and what you want, I am suggesting you knowing what makes you tick as a person and knowing where you are heading

Looking at your car driving example, you wouldn't be able to calibrate your GPS if you did not have a starting destination and an end destination - right? So how will your career head anywhere if you don't have a starting position you are happy with and an end goal you want to aspire towards.

Now I realise this does not always come easily. So I suggest you use your smart phone to take voice recordings of what you love doing during the day, week and month and assess this periodically. From this will come a hypothesis of what you love doing and hence where you should be heading and what you dislike doing - which you must find ways to distance yourself from.

Then use this hypothesis to figure out as you are driving, whether your work (and play) day gone by, met things you liked or not. If they do great. If they don't; use this time to think, while you are in the car by yourself, as to how you'd like to change that. This may include collecting your thoughts or in identifying a guide, a mentor at work or outside work, who could help you as to the path to adopt given your appraisal of what's happening in your life. This may include talking to your partner, your close mate and getting a proper assessment as to whether you are enjoying what you are doing and what you can do to improve that.

Then document a game plan (of course when you are not driving) as to your goals - what you want to do to enjoy your life better.

Then as you are travelling, reflect on this and when you have finished driving, make brief notes. Review these notes say once a month and see if there are any patterns. And if you need an expert career coach to help you do this - locate one specific to your industry to guide you. There is one specific to the electrical industry and he provides a 30 minute free consult through

So, use the time each morning to reflect on the previous day and on the day coming. Then on the drive back home, reflect whether the day just past, aligned with your expectations - why or why not. Write some notes, so you in doing this self-analysis get to a situation where you absolutely love your work. Everyone deserves to get the most out of one third of their lifes, which is what work normally takes up at around 8-10 hours a day each day, including travel time, for ther rest of your working life.

Use a portion of the drive to also organise your day - what is the minimum you'd like to acheive that day. And what sort of habits will you avoid to move you to your goals.

Besides this self analysis and visualisation in terms of where you want to head, you can listen to informative podcasts, whether these be of a motivational nature or podcasts which help you with your soft skills development, or podcasts on new initiatives you wish to take. There is a ton of information available now a days on the web (including YouTube) either free or at a very manageable cost. This is so that your brain gets fed each morning as your tummy does.

And of course do turn up the radio and sing that favorite song. It's not all about strategy and personal development. You've got to have fun along the way. But while you are having fun, would it not be good to use that hour two hours each day to put your life in a better position to where it was yesterday?

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