Costs & Guarantees

Costs & Guarantees

electricianXchange is a commercial entity having exclusively licensed its service to NECA and its stakeholders.

electricianXchange and NECA have come up with a pricing methodology which suits all stakeholders – the employers, the electricians, NECA and the commercial entity which has spent twenty-four months to bring this venture to fruition and to bring this benefit to NECA & its stakeholders.

All payments are made by credit card.

All costs have a discounted price for NECA members and a discount code is available for NECA members use, please inquire.

Jobs Posting Costs – as individual ads purchased





Job Posting Costs – Purchased As A Package


Labour Posting Cost – To Post The Labour Ad

Depends on the labour cost being seconded out or seconded in. Whoever placed the labour ad (the company seconding out or in) pays the below as the price of the Labour Cost ad. So, for example if the labour being seconded out amounted to $15,000 then the cost to place the ad would be $600 plus GST

Above price excludes GST

Labour Bidding Cost 

The company bidding for the labour pays $450 plus GST as a pre-authorisation on the credit card when the bid is made. Upon the bid being successful, the bidder’s credit card is charged with the $450 plus GST.

Labour Placement - Success Fee

Upon the labour being successfully seconded through an agreed bid-ask strategy eventuating, there is a success fee charged. NECA members get charged 2.5% of the total labour value (non-NECA members charged 4.5%) as the success fee, which when compared to the fee charged by labour hire companies, pales into insignificance.


Should the initiator of the Labour Ad not get a single bid then a credit or refund will be offered.

If the person making the bid, is unsuccessful nothing will be charged.

If the person making a successful bid finds that the electrician or electricians does not meet their short term need after the introductions have been made, then they can approach electricianXchange. A review of this will occur and if there is just cause a refund will be offered to the party aggrieved after due consultation has occurred. The party at fault will be given a warning and after one warning, the party aggrieved may be banned from the web site.